Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

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Accommodation on Koh Phangan
Phangan Ing Phu Resort is the perfect location for relaxing and resting after partying all night.


Koh Samui in advance. The Island is High Life Resort . The Island is blessed with stunning secluded bays and incredible natural beauty, the Koh Phangan attracts tourists from everywhere. Koh Panghan was before the hippy heaven, nowadays a 'broader range' of visitors travel here.One thing most of them have in common is they want to find a relaxing and easy going place. Situated in the center of the SamuiArchipelago, Kohpangan is ideally situated in the near of top destinations such as Ang Thong National Marine Park and Koh Tao. The easy to reach National Marine Park is composed of more than fourty small islands, with many natural caves and are surrounded with tranquil salt water.

Koh Phangan's climate seasons in your motorbike at Phangan in common On Koh Panghan you can see typical picture-postcard views of swaying palm trees , crystal clear water and beautiful sunsets. Whatever it is you are searching for, on the island is something for everyone. Ko Pha Ngan offers more than 250 resorts and guesthouses to choose from, everything from a cheap 120 baht a day bamboo shack with no private toilet to first class fully serviced palace with private pool. The FullMoon Partystarted with a some foreigners having a partyat Haad Rin East Side more than 20 years ago. They had a beachparty in the magnificent moonand more a more foreigners turned up every fullmoon. Today there are about 7000-15000 participants who are participating and dancing to drum n' bass, trance, and other sound tunes.international and local DJ's deliver the beats from the restaurantsat Haad Rin and from the whole bay.

Koh Pha-ngan experiences substantial year a course a natural beauty and Pha-ngan was discovered by travelers a mere twentyfive years ago, Koh Phangan was before inhabited as long as two thousand years ago by sea gypsies driving with their boats from Malaysia. The island was later settled by Chinese most of them from the chinese province Hainan . A huge range of marinelife and some beautiful coral reefs offer divers all they need. Other activitiesnow include kite surfing, Elephant Riding and fishing tours. A acceptable pick for lodging could be High Life Resortin HaadYao, because it is ideal suited for various kinds of visitors. This resortis perfect for newly-married couples on honeymoon and families or several people as well.